​​​Beahm's Chapel Cemetery

 Luray, VA



  1. Vehicles must be kept strictly in the roadways. Driveways are to be kept open; they are used as public thoroughfares.
  2. Children are not permitted to use the cemetery as a playground; parents or guardians are responsible for the children and any damage they may cause. No pleasure parties will be permitted in the cemetery at any time.
  3. No trees, plants or shrubbery shall be planted in the cemetery without first obtaining permission from the Grounds Committee, who will do the planting. The cemetery will accept donations of shrubbery or monetary donations specified for shrubbery, flowers and/or trees. Visitors are prohibited from pulling flowers or shrubs or injuring the trees.
  4. Only one body is to be interred in each grave site. A vault is required for each body burial. The cremains of one individual may also be buried in a grave site in addition to one body; or two cremations may be interred on the same grave site. No more than two burials at one site and one of those must be a cremation. There will be an additional charge for the second burial. No burials are to be made without first notifying the cemetery personnel. A receipt will be given upon payment of the burial fee. No interment shall be made in a burial site without the consent of the site owner and notification to cemetery personnel. 
  5. No corner stones, coping or markers shall be placed above ground level. Any benches or statutory ornaments placed in the cemetery must align with the already placed memorial stones, and must be pre-approved. This is to ease the mowing operations of the cemetery. Lots are not permitted to be raised above the surrounding ground level.
  6. All memorial stones must have a stone or concrete base. This base must not measure more than 4 ft in length per grave site. The stone itself cannot be more than 4 feet in height and 1 foot in thickness. All headstones, foot markers, etc, shall be placed solely within the boundary lines of the site it is sitting on.  Memorial stones should be placed at the head of the site and marked for placement by cemetery personnel. There will be a small fee for marking the location. All cemetery sites will be maintained by the cemetery caretaker.
  7. It is the responsibility of the lot owners or family members to remove all dead flowers from the burial site. Any dead flowers or trash is to be placed in the trash receptacles located throughout the cemetery. The cemetery is not responsible for flowers that have blown off the grave site, are stolen, or have otherwise been removed.  Please secure all flowers, etc. to the memorial stone. The Grounds Committee will remove any memorial decorations-including lawn ornaments-which are not in good taste, good order, good appearance or appropriate for placement in the cemetery.  This includes solar lights, food, ornamental figurines, trinkets, flowers, flags, statues, etc. During mowing season, any item that is not ON the memorial stone will be removed to allow for mowing operations.
  8. No interment shall be made without presenting the certificate received at the time of sale of the burial rights. This certificate will not be issued until all fees have been paid.
  9. For the purpose of preserving the beauty and symmetry of the grounds, the corporation reserves the right to adopt rules, regulations and standards for the use of the cemetery including standards of architecture, shrubbery, monuments, roadways, curbs, guttering, memorial stones, directional signs and any and all other improvements to the cemetery. The construction of a mausoleum or columbarium or any other above ground structure, other than memorial stones, shall NOT be allowed without the approval of the Board of Directors.
  10. Use of the Committal Pavilion shall be scheduled with our office personnel.
  11. No "private cemetery" will be allowed to be set aside within Beahm's Chapel Cemetery. No fences or boarder walls are permitted around the perimeter of purchased burial sites. All site purchases must be used for the purpose of interment of the deceased.